My Name is Hollis Liu

aka Hanjie Liu or 刘瀚杰

I am a first year PhD student studying/researching computer science at Clemson University. I earned my bachelor's degree in computer science at Drexel University. I have been super passionate about Apple and programming since I was young. I was awarded Apple’s WWDC 2016 Student scholarship. Music is a big part of my life: I love classical music and play first violin in orchestras and string quartets. I enjoy my life.


I focus on Apple platform Dev

but also a lot more

As you may have noticed in the chart, I broke my skills into 4 quadrants based on the amount of experiences and level of understanding I have.

On the top left are the skills I’m most familiar with. I’ve been developing iOS with Swift for 2 years now. It’s my favorite platform and I’m super passionate about it. I also play around with Watch apps. Currently, I’m architecting a music related app. Please contact me if you want to join.

Python is one of my favorite languages because it allows me to quickly code up ideas and do fast iterations. I almost use python exclusively for my homework assignments or research projects. I started doing computer science and pathology related research spring 2016. Some published results can be found below.

I've taken on a Computer Graphics concentration and I'm very committed in learning and mastering graphics programming. I love the idea of bring math, physics and computer science together to create awesome things. In addition, I developed growing interest in web technology and machine learning recently. I’ve been taking related courses at school and done some side projects. Stay tuned for more!

*Photo credits to Apple staff at WWDC 16


These are either my past work or project in developing



a new kind of note taking app

Eye Tracking

my research project in digital pathology


a better way to manage preferences in iOS


Connecting the dots

Thoughts on Apple Music

Got Through the First Round of Planet of the Apps, but...

Image Analysis: a new research project that I'm involved

Want to keep in touch?

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Here is my fortnightly playlist, enjoy!

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