My Name is Hollis Liu

aka Hanjie Liu or 刘瀚杰

I am a forth year PhD student studying/researching computer graphics at Clemson University. I earned my bachelor's degree in computer science at Drexel University. I have been super passionate about Apple and programming since I was young. I was awarded Apple’s WWDC 2016 Student scholarship. Music is a big part of my life: I love classical music and play first violin in orchestras and string quartets. I enjoy my life.

I currently reside in Seneca, South Carolina. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Huzhou, ZJ, China.

Photo credit: Alex C. @ Exploratorium, SF, CA, 2019

I focus on computer graphics research

but also a lot more

Hanjie "Hollis" Liu received his bachelors degree in computer science in June 2018. He was awarded the Undergraduate Outstanding Research Award at Drexel University for his research work on 3D model similarity evaluation techniques and medical image analysis work. Hanjie is now a first year PhD student studying computer science at Clemson. His current research interests include physically based simulation and data intensive computing. In the past 8 months, he took courses on topics of physically based modeling, parallel architecture and human computer interaction. In his spare time, Hanjie enjoys writing iOS apps and playing the violin at local string quartets.

Hollis breaks his skills into 4 quadrants based on the amount of experiences and level of understanding he has. Hollis loves the idea of bringing math, physics and computer science together to create awesome things.

*Photo credits to Apple staff at WWDC 16


showcase of my major work


Facial Expression Capturing

with ARKit, Blender and Unity

Noise Field

some ray marched rendering of noise fields



a new kind of note taking app

Eye Tracking

my research project in digital pathology

Spacetime Rhapsody

visualizing gravity with Swift Playground

Thoughts on Apple Music

a blog post

Miscellaneous Projects

some minor projects

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